Bachelor Degree

By Judith Marks-White

Forty year old bachelorette, Samantha Krasner and her twice-widowed and flamboyant sixty-two year old mother, Madeleine Krasner-Wolfe, take their mother/daughter relationship to new heights. When Sam, partner at the prestigious Cole Gallery on Madison Avenue, adds hottie-Artist du Jour, Blake Hamilton to her roster, sparks fly and Samantha falls hard. Madeleine, equally intrigued and attracted to Quentin, the two spend an evening together. Madeleine finds him hard to resist even after her daughter has already staked her claim and told mom: "hands off - find your own man." Life becomes complicated and the competition fierce when Madeleine, always in the right place at the wrong time, pops up uninvited at every juncture. When this so-called 'Love Triangle' gets out of hand, the situation calls for immediate action. Enter the gorgeous 65-year old, recently divorced gynecologist, Dr. Alden Gould. Add to that equation his forty-five year old son/partner, Dr. Spencer Gould, and the hi-jinx never ends. A tangled web develops as we follow these characters through the glamorous social, art and dining emporiums of Manhattan, Samantha trying to find her Mr. Right while simultaneously dealing with a mother who is equally determined to earn her "Bachelor Degree."