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"Seducing Harry is delicious fun - a page turner with a sexy, funny heroine who gives the phrase, "appetite for life" a new meaning."
-Roberta Myers,
Elle magazine


"One bite out of Seducing Harry and you'll be rolling on the floor and begging for more. Jump in to this culinary and sexy world of excess and pile your plate high with a taste of humor and a dollop of intrigue."

- Isabel Rose
The J.A.P. Chronicles


"Sexy, sumptuous, a real page turner - this first novel by Judith Marks-White will put a smile on your face."

-Julie Riven
The Boston Globe: Weekly food correspondent,
and co-author
The Way We Cook, Recipes from the New American Kitchen
(Houghton Mifflin, 2003)


"A chic and racy tale liberally laced with champagne, scandal, and wit. Judith Marks-White's descriptions of fabulous meals were so delectable, I gained five pounds just reading - but I lost ten pounds from laughing."

-Nancy Thayer, author of the Hot Flash Club series


"Judith Marks-White writes with lashings of humor and a healthy dose of cynicism laced with sweetness - I can't wait to read what she comes up with next."

-Jane Green, author of Swapping Lives


"Marks-White effortlessly pairs upper-class foodie culture with a generous helping of piping-hot sex on the side. Seducing Harry is one delicious dish."

-Deanna Kizis, author of Finishing Touches