In 1985, I joined the staff of the Westport news in Westport, Connecticut. For more than two decades, my column "The Light Touch" has appeared every Wednesday. During this time I have tried to cultivate a satirical view of life specializing in what I refer to as the silly, little mundane things that can make getting up in the morning a formidable challenge. Eyeing the world through a "distorted lens" I take the stuff of every day and turn it into humor.

"The Light Touch" is basically an exercise in "lightening up" - a survival tool for the new millennium. For me, it all comes down to being human and poking playfully at ourselves as we move along, even if it means occasionally making fools of ourselves. We used to be expected to "make supper." Now we prepare "cuisine." A few years back we went off "in search of excellence." Now, we are expected to "be excellent" in every facet of life. The target is always moving and there comes a time when, if you don't laugh, you lose it.

The art of humorous column writing is the art of coping, the art of living. There is relief, a freedom in finding the lighter side of a maddening situation and then running with it - shaking off the yoke of mandated perfection. Approaching things in this way has enriched my life immeasurable, enhancing my ability to roll with the punches.

Included among my columns are a few I have listed here that I hope will bring a smile to your face. My weekly columns can be read at